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“We are resourceful, professional and value initiative throughout our business”.


We partner with companies across the energy sector to recruit for permanent positions and contracting roles at all levels and functional areas of their business. Our job is to manage the entire process of sourcing, assessing and selecting great people.


Our recruitment process is professional and robust, and we apply it to every role we recruit for, regardless of seniority. This allows us to maximise the chance of finding the best person for any particular role. For example:

  • We use a job analysis tool to develop a profile of the required traits and behaviours for optimal performance in the role.
  • We use professional Search techniques, enabling us to identify a broad range of potential candidates, both passive (those not actively looking for a job) and active (those actively looking), ensuring we access the very best people.
  • We provide key information through high-quality documents in the form of thorough briefs for candidates, and candidate reports for clients. Our aim is to provide enough information to the candidate about the company and role, and to the client about the candidate, that the first interview feels like a second interview. This makes the whole process as cost-effective as possible for all concerned.
  • We offer a post-placement service, during which we meet the hiring manager between three and six months after a person has started a role to plan their ongoing career development.
  • We back up our service with a six-month guarantee.

Our thorough, professional approach ensures the people our clients meet not only have the skills and experience required, but that their natural behaviours are a great match for the role, the company and its culture. This is the only way reliably to predict whether candidates will perform at their best and, and just as importantly, that they will be in a role that is just right for them and their career aspirations.


Robust and professional assessment is at the heart of our recruitment service. It allows us objectively to learn about people’s style and behaviour, and to discover whether they:

  • Can do the role: we look at their skills and experience
  • Will perform well: we assess their natural style and behaviours to determine if there is a good fit for the requirements of the role
  • Want to perform well: we study their drivers and motivators
  • Will continue to perform well: we assess their potential to cope with increased responsibility

Our assessment process is best-practice and includes psychometric assessment, ability testing, interviewing and referencing.

Psychometric assessment is fundamental to good professional assessment, as it gives an accurate understanding of whether someone has the motivation and behaviours for a particular role, not just the skills. For instance, many people have a preferred working style, and the ability to match these styles to the requirements of a role will ensure best performance. Only reliable and valid psychometric assessment can achieve that.

Assessment tools must be valid. This is best ensured by using a large and appropriate norm group. The tool we use has a global norm group of around 70,000 people, which can also be divided into more targeted norm groups as required. What’s more, it can be completed in any one of 40 languages, so candidates are never disadvantaged if English is not their first language.

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