Very professional and thorough outfit, interested in matching the best-fit applicant to the right job.

Confidential Testimonial,
September 2023

It is rare that a recruiter follows up with an applicant that wasn't successful. I found the aptitude tests an interesting and great addition to the application and you (David) were very professional and helpful throughout the process. Though unsuccessful, going through the process helped me to gain some insights into my strengths as others would see it and articulate the value that I bring to the table. Overall, great experience!

Junyan Tan – Sustainability Specialist,
August 2023

“David and the team at Freshwater Group are outstanding recruitment professionals. I have been placed in 2 positions through Freshwater and they have been exceptional from first contact through to follow up months into the new role seeking feedback not only in their process but in how the role is going for me personally. Highly recommend Freshwater Group to both those seeking new positions and employers seeking a professional, thorough and client focused recruitment partner.”

Andrew Latimer – Sales & Partnership Manager,
May 2023

“I can't thank David and Kate enough for their exceptional recruitment services! They effortlessly placed me in a fantastic role with another company. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication made the entire process smooth and stress-free. They truly understand the needs of both candidates and employers, ensuring a perfect match. I highly recommend David and Kate for anyone seeking a remarkable recruitment experience. Thank you both for helping me find a fantastic role with a great company!”

Joel Atkins – Business Development Manager,
May 2023

“Kate is an exemplary professional in the field of recruitment. Her expert grasp of industry trends, deep understanding of client needs, and a keen eye for talent set her apart. Her exceptional communication skills ensure clarity and transparency throughout the hiring process. This, coupled with her professional yet personable approach, creates a seamless and enjoyable experience for all involved. Kate's proficiency and dedication make her an invaluable asset in the recruitment field. If you're looking for a reliable, proactive recruiter, please look no further than Kate.”

Mark Taha – Project Manager,
May 2023

“Thanks for the great support throughout the process. It was a good experience even though I didn't get the role. Job hunting is stressful enough, but it really helped to have a recruiter guide me through.”

Justine Perez – Assistant Accountant,
May 2023

“Very meticulous and professional”.

Neusa Magalhaes – Accounts & Administration Officer,
April 2023

I thought that it all went as smoothly as possible and found your advice and coaching very good.  

Zac Fyffe – Analyst,
December 2022

A Highly Professional team to share your skill and experience on the interview stages, felt glad with friendly approach. Prompt and valuable feedback received on very next day. Appreciable Service.  

Bhuvaneswari Thennarasu – Sales Consultant,
August 2022

Working with David was so easy. He kept me informed and I felt extremely supported throughout the whole process. He knew the company, team, culture and expectations so I was well prepared for my interview. David takes you through the whole process ensuring it all flows well and even checked in after I started my new role.

Cheryl Archer – Stakeholder Systems Manager,
August 2022

I will say you guys are really professional during the whole process, especially your prompt follow-up and detailed explanation every time. I really appreciate your assistance and it makes everything smooth and easy for me. If there is anyone asking, I would say you guys are one of the best recruitment agencies that I ever met. Thank you again for all the assistance during this process.

Shawn Fan – Technical Customer Service Manager,
July 2022

David and the team at Freshwater Group are fantastic. Very supportive, and providing genuine support and honest feedback during the recruitment process, as well as well after I have commenced the role. The role which David supported me with is well suited, and a great opportunity for me to further my professional career in the energy sector. I highly recommend David at Freshwater Group for both employers, and prospective employees. Thanks David!!

Sam Stewarts – Land Acquisition Manager,
June 2022

My experience with Freshwater Group was excellent. David is by far the best recruiter I have dealt with. The role David came to me with was a great opportunity and perfectly suited my experience. He provided more support throughout the process than I could have asked for, giving me honest insights and feedback at every step. He has also followed up with me multiple times since I’ve commenced the role. I highly recommend David and Freshwater Group.

Jonathon Carey – Analyst, Transactions,
June 2022

Freshwater Group approached me about a role that was the perfect step for my next career move. David was a true professional throughout the process, keeping me informed every step of the way. His tips and guidance were of immense value. He showed care and interest in getting me where I wanted to go as well as checking in with me right before and after starting the new role. Highly recommended.

George Martin – Chief Technology Officer,
June 2022

My experience with David Young and Freshwater Group has been by far the best I’ve had with any recruiters. You have made the experience of finding the right job enjoyable and was very present each step of the way. Even after starting my new job you stayed in touch which I have not had happen and made me feel that there was genuine care about how it was all going. I know if I decide to move on from current career I’d 100% be contacting yourself for help as I know that through your assistance I will be able to find the right job suited for me.

Rachelle Eid – Project Manager,
October 2021

David is without exception the best recruiter I've worked with. He found me via LinkedIn and supported me all the way to job offer and beyond into employment. He knew the recruiting company, the team, culture and role to such a high level I felt like I was talking directly with the company. He never once came across as pushy or sales like and simply guided, supported and informed with top professionalism, skill and the human touch.

Ben Ewens – Head of Business Operations,
September 2021

Very professional and always a great conversation with David. David provided good advice and was very polite.

Marcus Ng – PV Engineer,
September 2021

Having to know David is one of the turning point in my life. His professionalism, sincerity, willingness to go above and beyond to assist you throughout the whole process is just impressive. The advices he provided are very valuable, I've learnt a lot from him and also get to know myself better in the process. Definitely recommend Freshwater Group, top notch!!

Ariel Lee – PV Engineer,
September 2021

David was highly professional. Unlike other recruiters he takes his time to give a genuine feedback on your profile. Very helpful.

Abhishek Renganathan – Technical Sales Manager,
September 2021

I have nothing but good feedback . David was very helpful and successful at finding me a job . The whole process was made very easy and simple . David even checked in a few times to make sure I had settled in well and that I was happy in my work environment.

Angela Glaros – Workshop Manager,
August 2021

I had a perfect experience with Freshwater Group. David Young's job was different from any other recruiter that I had seen previously. I went through the process smoothly and easily with David's professional manner of being available and ready to answer my questions any time.

Masood Hashemi – Structural Engineer,
August 2021

I was contacted by the Freshwater group about a new exciting position. David and the team were supportive and extremely professional. Their guidance and tips helped me with my confidence and I was successful in my application. David has followed up and made sure I am happy and all is going well. I strongly recommend the Freshwater Group.

Jo Martin – Warranty Customer Services Manager,
August 2021

Highly recommended. Exceptional service and engagement with David from start to finish. David's professionalism as representative of Freshwater Group and energy sector clients spoke volumes in terms of service, connection and engagement. Stand out and exceptional service all round.

Carolyn Eade – Procedure Writer,
October 2020

The Freshwater Group approached me about an executive role. The employer was an international group in the process of establishing Australian operations, which made for a complex search process. David and his team steered me through everything expertly. Importantly, they empowered me by providing all the information I needed about the company and the role.

Dan Cass – Energy Policy and Regulatory Lead,
June 2020

Highly recommended. Excellent processes and engagement with David at Freshwater Group. David is professional, transparent and has a good eye on recruiting quality talent in a complex energy industry. Thank you.

Sandra Chui – Group CFO,
June 2020

David is the ultimate executive recruitment professional. He approached me about a role he had and although my background is in financial markets and I never would have considered applying for such a role, he identified that my network, experience and skills would be well suited to the role. Throughout the process his insight into the energy sector, guidance, support and transparency were invaluable and like nothing I have experienced before when going through a recruitment process. Although selection for the position has been deferred indefinitely, David has still kept in touch with me. I would highly recommend engaging with David and his team.

Sally O’Keefe – Senior Business Development Manager,
April 2020

David provided outstanding service from the outset. He was professional, prompt, reliable, friendly, respectful...the list goes on. I thank him for his assistance in placing me in my new role, and would strongly encourage others to utilise his services.

Aaron Moreton – Partnership Manager,
December 2019

Freshwater Group is highly professional and I had a nice experience with them. They follow systematic skills evaluation techniques and provide personalized feedback throughout the process. It was good working with Anna and she's very helpful and supportive in nature.

Sivaguru Paramasivam – Energy Storage Solutions Manager,
September 2019

My experience with Freshwater Group has been great. Anna Carolina Santos was really helpful in getting me through the recruitment process and was always responsive and prudent in her replies every time I had a question. In the end, it was really hard for me to turn down the offer especially after having such a great relation with Anna. I highly recommend Freshwater Group.

Vishnu Viswam – Project Engineer,
September 2019

David's clear communication, knowledge of the industry and ability to understand my career progression made the recruitment process one of the best I've had. At no stage did I feel I was being sold to or pushed for a role that didn't fit my skillset. I was well prepared for each interview stage with my potential employer and genuinely felt that David was pushing for a win-win outcome. Thank you to David and the Freshwater Group.

Anthony Yarrow – Business Development Manager,
August 2019

I was recruited recently through David and the team at Freshwater group into a great role I'm enjoying. They made the process very clear, with great communication and professionalism. I really appreciated their advice and attentiveness.

Jacques Liu – Energy Management Team Leader,
August 2019

Very happy with recruitment process, excellent communication skills. Clear process and always available if you have questions. They easily provided me with the best recruitment process I have experienced. Great work!

Nick Mercure – Business Development Manager,
July 2019

Excellent service from end to end. Freshwater Group were thorough in ensuring I was the right candidate for the role and were incredibly communciative throughout the process. I'd definitely work with them again.

Daniel Johnson – Sales Director,
July 2019

David and Freshwater Group were an absolute pleasure to work with. Their professional approach and clear and continuous communication made the whole recruitment process very smooth. David went above and beyond to ensure that he could help me at each stage of the process. Would not hesitate to go through the recruitment process with Freshwater Group again, knowing that they genuinely care about matching the right applicants to the right roles.

Alex Leemon – Demand Response Manager,
January 2019

I have dealt with many recruiters in my time. Freshwater is by far the best experience I have ever had. Always prompt with any questions I had and extremely professional. You are not treated like a number like many other recruiters. I would recommend Freshwater to any business in the energy sector.

Adam Stammers – General Manager Sales,
December 2018

The process Freshwater Group provided prior to shortlisting was informative. Meeting with David Young was a good opportunity to learn more about myself and my skills. The information provided for the interview appointment was concise. Overall, the process was professional.

Liliana Taylor – Franchisee,
October 2018

In relation to future recruitment needs, I wanted to highlight how impressed I am with your process and industry focus and would be keen to use you in the future as needs arise.

Leo Figueira – Global Head of Risk,
September 2018

I had the pleasure of working with David and his team recently, which led to my success in a fantastic role. David kept the process transparent, and kept up the communication at every stage. I would highly recommend the Freshwater Group to anyone looking to take the next step in their career.

Catherine Fetherstonhaugh – Electricity Market Compliance Manager,
September 2018

I have been in the workforce professionally since 2007 and have dealt with countless recruiting agencies and will wholeheartedly say David and Freshwater are head and shoulders above the rest. Very professional and thorough, right from his initial approach. Knows what he is talking about, doesn't up sell. Although I was ultimately unsuccessful, he had flagged well before that it could have been an issue. Very insightful, highly recommended.

Billy Wong – Property Manager,
July 2018

David is a great operator in the recruitment field. His level of professionalism, communication and attention to detail were second to none when compared to my other recruitment experiences.

Felix Rohde – Wind Farm Construction Project Manager,
Jun 2018

I dealt with David Young at Freshwater Group and was reassured and impressed with the professionalism, clarity in communication, and ease to deal with. Recommended for sure.

Jaad Cabbabe – Engineer, Energy Storage Lead,
June 2018

My experience with Freshwater Group was very positive, the team is very professional and helpful. They really pay attention to details and the communications is the strong point. I am really thankful for the support during the whole recruitment process.

Eleonora Catalano – Technical Analyst,
January 2018

Freshwater Group is a recruitment company that treats candidates with a lot of respect. Their analyses of the profiles are relevant and the feedbacks they provide are very personalized. I highly recommend their services in the sector of energy recruitment.

Gabriel Réchard – Sales Engineer,
January 2018

A highly professional recruitment firm that provided strong attention to detail and communication. I was well prepared for my interviews.

Richard Moreton – Renewables Engineer,
January 2018

David was great, very organised, very communicative, and he really understood the role he was talking about, which I appreciated immensely.

Laura Bailey – Technical Writer,
January 2018

You interviewed me for the Civil Engineer role. Throughout our communication, everything was clear to me. I am sure you have chosen the right candidate, based on your level of expertise and skills. Thank you for your time.

Structural Engineer,
October 2017

My experience with David was exceptional. The use of Skype for interviews, profile testing and timely feedback was very efficient. I'd like to thank David for his assistance in the whole process.

Roger McNamara – Electrician,
September 2017

David and Morgan from the Freshwater Group recruited me for my current position at Redback Technologies. I found them both very professional and friendly to deal with, and it was great doing an interview over Skype as we were in different cities. David helped me through the process, including after I had started in the new position. I'd highly recommend Freshwater, David and Morgan.

Daniel Hampton – Operations Manager,
June 2017

Excellent and very professional recruitment agent with a pleasant team of people.

Wil van Vorstenbosch – Director of Finance,
June 2017

I found the team at Freshwater Group to be very professional in all aspects pertinent to proactive recruitment. They have excellent insights across emerging industries and are building relevant contacts to match their target markets. At the same time, their humble nature has earned my respect as they draw a clear line about what they don't know and are happy to call that out rather than speculate with incorrect or false information. I would consider Freshwater Group for an effective, nimble and ethical search firm.

Joseph Raheb – General Manager Sales & Strategy,
April 2017

I found Freshwater Group to be very professional and helpful. The team were well versed in the client's activities and provided an insightful application process. A very positive experience.

Dean Tsilfidis – Electrical Engineer,
March 2017

Very friendly and helpful team, excellent support and communications even after job placement. It was a very positive experience for me.

Saeid Veysi Raygani – Electrical Engineer,
March 2017

I'd like to sincerely thank you for considering me for the Electrical Engineer role. I'm sorry to hear that the decision did not go my way, but appreciate that the decision was a difficult one. I appreciate the care and thoroughness shown to me during the process. I'm impressed with your company, the way it conducts business, and it was a pleasure talking to you. Please kindly pass my gratitude to the rest of the team.

Basil Joseph – Electrical Engineer,
February 2017

Very thorough and friendly staff, good communication with the client and excellent feedback. A positive experience all round.

Evan Tims – CEC Design & Install Electrician,
February 2017

I had the opportunity to work with David and his team earlier in the year and found their professionalism and attention to detail to be well above par in terms of recruitment services in Australia. At all times during the recruitment process I was well informed of the status of my application via strong communication from the team. I wouldn't hesitate engaging with Freshwater Group again, should the opportunity arise.

Rob Masefield – UX Designer,
December 2016

I had a positive experience working with Freshwater Group after applying for a role through LinkedIn. Morgan was particularly diligent and professional. I felt she was a genuine agent for Freshwater and for the company she was recruiting for. She kept communication lines open and seemed very honest about the situation with active assurance through the process. Meeting David was a pleasure. He was very thorough in giving background information on his client and retrieving information for his client to get the best picture. Though initially a little intimidating, the personality assessment taken before the interview is a very enlightening and valuable tool for gaining genuine applicants. Though I was not successful in the role, I believe Morgan and David acted professionally and with empathy. I would recommend this team for gaining quality work.

Zoe Baker – Graphic Designer,
November 2016

First and foremost you guys are truly professional and set very much apart from my experience with other recruiters. Superb!

Ian Turner – GM Software Development,
October 2016

As GM of a start up organization, I found David Young’s approach fresh and very thoughtful. His attention to service and details provided us with excellent candidates. He’s been a partner in hiring and also in the business.

Mike Haines – GM Sales and Marketing,
September 2016

David has redefined executive search in my eyes. Prior to utilising services from the Freshwater Group, in previous companies, the hiring of recruitment consultants rendered high fees and low quality deliverables. David, in contrast, takes his job personally, providing significant care in each engagement and delivering to a standard few hold themselves accountable to.

Philip Livingston – Managing Director,
February 2016

David is extremely professional, always delivers on his promises, understands the broader business context, has a great network and is solution focussed.

Chris Battersby – HR Director, Critical Engineering,
February 2015

David does an excellent job of understanding a client's requirements, and then finding the right person for that job. During the process he is very efficient and professional.

Chris Smith – CEO,
February 2015

David is a true professional in every aspect of the word. Whether it be his communication, his presentation, his networking or his delivery, you can always depend on him. He is consistent, operates with high integrity, reliability and is very personable.

Hala Zakhour – EMEA Head of Talent Development,
July 2012

David helped me into my last position as Head of Performance Improvement. He is a very open-minded and honest career consultant with strong personal skills. He gave me lots of good advice and coached me through the hiring process. I'd recommend him to everybody who is looking for an international career.

Dirk Schulze – General Manager,
July 2012

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