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"We have energy and are passionate about what we do and why we do it. We always meet and then strive to exceed our client's expectations".

Freshwater Group is an energy sector recruitment business operating across the whole of Australasia. We offer our customers a genuine partnership, enabling them to make the best decisions in their hiring and career choices. We use a rigorous and transparent process based on best-practice techniques, with robust and valid assessment at its heart. This ensures the people our clients interview not only have the necessary skills and experience, but that their natural behaviours are a great match for the role, the company and its culture.


We manage the entire process of sourcing, assessing and selecting great people for permanent or contracting roles right across the energy sector. Our recruitment process is professional and robust, and we apply it to every role we recruit for. Assessment is at the heart of this process, allowing us objectively to learn about people’s style and behaviour through psychometric assessment, ability testing, interviewing and referencing.

  • Energy sector
  • Sourcing, assessing & selecting great people
  • Permanent & contract roles
  • Proprietary process


We offer assessment consultancy as a stand-alone service. Our clients use this, for example, to sample our assessment tool before they commit to the full recruitment process, assess a candidate they have sourced themselves or analyse the behaviours and traits of existing team members. Clients can use all of our assessment process or just one part of it. It is entirely modular and flexible enough to accommodate your specific requirements.

  • Stand alone service
  • Assessment tools
  • Current staff & candidates
  • Modular & flexible approach


We treat people as people, not commodities, always communicating openly, honestly and transparently, and always putting their interests first. That’s why our recruitment service, with its focus on robust, professional assessment, is as much about finding a great role for a person, as finding a great person for a role. We want our candidates to find roles that they thrive and succeed in – roles to which they are entirely suited.

  • Open, honest & transparent
  • Professional assessment & advice
  • Thrive & succeed in the ideal role
  • Long term career management

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